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   On the morning of April 23, 2001 my nervous energy was palpable as we were getting

ready to open The Bloomsbury Bistro for the first day of service. It was a culmination of

almost 10 years of preparation...going back to college, working as an innkeeper,

server, prep cook, pastry cook, and executive pastry chef. I didn’t know what to expect

or how long it would last, but I was thrilled my dream had come true of opening up my

own place. Fifteen years and many meals later, we closed our doors. It was 15 years

of great friends, great times and wonderful memories.

   The recipe I've included today is one the few that we opened with and served every

year after that. You'll find it under the MENU heading above. There might be a few

things you have questions about so please feel free to send me a note and I’ll clarify

anything you need clarified. Hope I didn’t disappoint too many of you, but the Toasted

Carrot Cake wasn’t on the menu until a year later. Have fun!

Dine Well, Live Well!


Opening Day